Certified Yoga Instructor & Doula


My journey began with a simply desire to exercise barefoot. No deep insight or magical spark. Just comfort. But there I was in a room full of yogis breathing and sweating and grounding, and I felt something within. It took a few more classes for me to realize that what I was feeling was a sense of connection.  Yoga was the gateway to grounding myself, making time for myself, and guiding myself TO myself.


The way that yoga has looked in my life has shifted through the years and I believe that it has always been exactly what I need it to be in that moment. And THAT is the magic I wish to share with you.

Whether you are looking to start yoga for the first time or you simply want to continue your practice, I am here to guide you. 

Whether you are pregnant and looking for a way to better connect to your baby and prepare for childbirth or simply find a few minutes for yourself, I am here to guide you.

Whether you are looking for a doula to support you during your birth or some private sessions to better prepare you for labor, I am here to guide you. 

Whether you are looking for postpartum help with baby or to recover your core postnatally, I am here to guide you. 

With over ten years of yoga teaching and continual learning to expand my knowledge and share safe practices I want to be there to guide you through the fun moments, the tough moments, the quiet moments, and the moments where we all just need to let go. I infuse yoga techniques into my doula work and postnatal support, as well, and I find that my clients report feeling more calm, relaxed and at ease after their sessions and/or births. 

Let this practice guide you.

 A Blissful Mind is a Blissful Heart  






Leeron is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and 100-hour certified prenatal/postnatal, fertility and Mommy and Baby instructor based in Los Angeles, CA. She is also certified in teaching kids yoga and meditation and completed a year of Yoga Therapy studies at Loyola Marymount University.  She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and has been teaching for the past seven years. 

She is a Doula, working towards being DONA-certified, and loves to help mommas through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. She is also currently completing a Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula training with Ayurvedic Mommas so that she can better assist mommas in their first 40 days postpartum, helping them nourish, care and connect to themselves and their babies during those first few important weeks when transition can be challenging.  


If you are looking for a safe space to grow your practice, work through chronic injuries, prepare for childbirth and beyond Leeron can help you.  With an emphasis on healing from the inside out, Leeron can easily shape a program that will fit your specific needs. 


If you are looking for a group class for an event or workshop, her classes can be tailored to your preferences. 

They can include:

- gentle to strong flows with smooth sequences, emphasizing alignment and core work

- meditation and breathwork

- positive affirmation work

- pre- or postnatal yoga

- mommy and baby yoga

- or any other type of themed event or workshop.


All classes can be tailored to group needs.


You will always find a little laughter and insight intertwined into her classes along with an atmosphere where judgement is left at the door. 



— Amy T., Singer/Musician

"Leeron is a warm, strong, centered and compassionate yoga instructor. She leads students through a balanced, fun and challenging yoga class that provides a great workout plus a feeling of wholeness and healing. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi, Leeron's class really delivers!" 



Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries or to set up a consultation.



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