Yoga is like the breath. You need it in order to live, but sometimes you forget to do it! 


What better way to remind yourself to breathe than to let yoga become a part of your daily life? This is how I became a teacher. 


I have struggled with my health and weight from a very young age and as I have grown older I have learned that my constant connection to yoga has led me to a healthier and happier relationship with myself and my body. 


This is why I truly believe yoga can help anyone. Anyone looking to build physical strength. Anyone looking to find some mental clarity. Anyone looking for a way to de-stress. Anyone looking for just 1 to 2 hours for themselves, away from the daily grind. 


So, come flow, come laugh, and come reconnect!



 A Blissful Mind is a Blissful Heart   



​ I always remind my student that a successful yoga practice is not necessarily about pushing yourself past your limits, but rather listening to your body and challenging it in the most respectful way possible. 


Every practice is not created equal, so there can be no judgement. 




What Private Session is right for you?


Private yoga sessions are great for someone who:

- is new to yoga and looking for more guidance.
- has a busy schedule and wants to do yoga on their time.
- is looking for a more catered experience. 
- is healing from an injury or illness and wants a more therapeutic approach. 

Each private session can be catered to your specific requests, incorporating numerous styles and practices, including meditation, mindfulness practices, yoga flows, essential oil therapeutics and more.


These sessions are great if:

- you have limited time 

- are looking to lower blood pressure and stress

- need to work on management of time, anxiety, fear, judgement, etc.

- are feeling burnt out


See prenatal tab for more info!


This session is great if:

- You are a busy momma and find it challenging to get to a public class

- want a tailored postnatal class with baby

- are looking for a way to bond with baby while connecting to your own body and mind

Whatever your reason, one-on-one yoga is based on your needs. 


Individual Session – $115

5 Class Package – $550 

10 Class Package – $1,000



These sessions are great if:

- you are looking for something fun and active to add to your or baby's birthday party, bachelor/ette party or event. 


Corporate yoga is a great practice to offer employees as a way to help them stay centered, focused, calm and alert during the workday and beyond. It is an opportunity to let them stretch their bodies and recenter. Being able to provide yoga in the workplace is a perk that many employees appreciate and value as an asset to a company.   

These sessions can include:

- Gentle stretches and/or flows 

- Mindful meditation

- Positive affirmation exercises 

- Workshops on how to bring a yoga mindset into the workplace and beyond


Each package can be tailored to the employers requirements and preferences. 


- dependent upon number of participants and amount of classes

*Please contact Leeron below to inquire about availability and to schedule your first session.

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